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Booter Cargo Liners

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Cargo Liner and Boot Mat Product Overview

Huge Range Available - A full list of cargo liners and boot mats is available in our e-Catalogue (pdf).  If you find a product  in our catalogue that is not listed online, please call 1300 385 104 Mon to Fri, 9am-4pm to place a phone order.

Custom Fit Design - Booter cargo liners and boot mats are designed to provide a perfect custom fit that neatly hugs the sidewalls of the boot area.  This ensures maximum surface protection for upholstery.

Strong Material - All cargo liners and boot mats are made from tough and flexible TPO/TPE rubberized plastic. This material is specially designed to provide long-lasting protection against dirt and liquid spills.

Spill Catching Lip - All cargo liners and boot mats are designed with a spill catching lip to ensure your upholstery is protected from liquid spills. The height of this lip varies depending upon vehicle model, however most range between 20 to 50mm.

100% Waterproof - Premium grade plastic is 100% waterproof. This ensures that our cargo liners and boot mats provide excellent protection against liquid spills eg. milk, paint and engine oil.

Easily Rolled Up for Storage - TPO is a flexible material that can be rolled and folded without damage. A few hours in a hot car will provide enough heat for the boot liner to flatten out again after prolonged storage.

Premium Quality - Our cargo liners and boot mats are manufactured to the same high standards as original equipment accessories so you can be confident you're buying the best.

Perfect Fit Guarantee - We pride ourselves on selling cargo liners and boot mats that provide an accurate and perfectly contoured fit. All of our liners are thoroughly tested before release to market so that we can be sure you receive a product that will protect your vehicle to the highest standards.

Competitive Price - Car manufacturers charge a premium on accessories branded with their company name to capitalise on their brand's reputation. Given that we source many of our products from the same suppliers that supply "original equipment" accessories, you can be sure that our products offer similar performance while, in most cases, providing significant cost savings

Shipping - All cargo liners and boot mats ship Australia-wide for a flat rate of $16 by Australia Post Receipted Delivery Service.

Common Questions

Q. Are boot liners compatible with cargo barriers? A. In most cases our cargo liners and boot mats are compatible with cargo barriers, however some minor alteration to the liner may be required. To install the liner with a barrier - 1) Remove bolts securing barrier to the floor. 2) Slide the liner into position. 3) Cut holes in liner to allow bolts from barrier to secure through the liner into the floor (use kitchen scissors or a sharp Stanley knife). Some barriers do not mount into the floor making installation much simpler, doing away with the need to cut holes in the liner.

Q. Can I use my liner with 3rd row seats? A. Some of our cargo liners are designed to be used with third row seats folded out for use, while other liners do not permit use of third row seats when the liner is installed. We also have some liners that require complete removal of the third row seats. Please check photos carefully to determine which liner you are purchasing.

Q. Are any other colours available? A. We only stock charcoal grey coloured liners.

Q. Do I have to remove the original carpet to install a boot liner? A. No, our cargo liners and boot mats do not replace the original boot floor. All liners are designed to be placed over the original carpet.