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How to ID your Vehicle

If you're having some trouble finding out the make, model or year of your vehicle, then this is the place you need to be!  This page will help you to find the information you need to ID your vehicle.  The three main pieces of information you need are:

  • Vehicle Make
  • Year and month of manufacture (eg. 11/08 or Nov 08)
  • The model number (eg. BA Falcon, VE Commodore, KE Laser, etc.)

The VIN Plate

The VIN plate can be the most accurate way to ID your vehicle, however the plate is sometimes a little hard to find and interpret.

The location of the VIN plate depends on the type of car you have.

Where is the VIN plate located?

Common locations:

  • In the engine bay near the radiator at the front of the engine.
  • In the engine bay on the fire wall (the wall between the passenger comparment and the engine).
  • In the engine bay over the wheel arch.
  • Near or on the front passenger or driver door.

Other Sources of Information

  • Vehicle manual supplied with purchase of vehicle - the information is often written inside the front page
  • Regsitration Papers
  • Registration Sticker

If you still cannot work out your vehicle model, call 1300 385 104 Mon to Fri, 9am-4pm and we can help you.