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Holden VE-VF Ute (2007-curr)

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Ute - VE-VF
Year Range:
Aug 2007 to Current Model
Freight :
$30 to East Coast or phone 1300 385 104 for an accurate quote

Hard Plastic Ute Tub Liners:

Installing a hard plastic ute tub liner, whether "OEM" or "after-market", changes the internal dimensions of your vehicle's ute tub.  As such, a different shaped rubber ute mat will be required to ensure a good fit and full coverage.


What is an OEM ute liner?  An OEM ute liner is a hard plastic ute tub liner made by a vehicle manufacturer such as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Holden, etc.  These can usually be identified by the use of the company's name (eg. "Toyota") or logo on the product.  These liners are made to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer and may be installed either before or after the sale of the vehicle.  Installation is often done by the factory or the car dealership.


What other ute tub liners are available?  Other types of non-OEM ute tub liners are also available in the vehicle accessory after-market.  After-market ute liners are manufactured by companies such as AST Auto, TJM, ARB, Aeroklas and Tuff.


Which rubber mat should I buy?

  • If you have an OEM ute liner installed - select a product that has "with OEM liner" as an option - these have been designed to fit inside OEM ute liners only.  Not all mats are available to fit vehciles with an OEM liner.
  • If you have an after-market ute liner installed - Unfortunately we do not have a product that will fit your vehicle perfectly.  However many customers have purchased one of our standard style-side ute mats and then tailored the fit to their vehciles by using a sharp stanley knife.

Why would I want to put a rubber mat inside a hard plastic ute tub liner?

Many of our customers, while pleased with the protection provided by a hard plastic ute liner, find that the ute liner material is also very slippery and can be worn out with prolonged abrasion (such as shovelling gravel).  As such, these customers have installed one of our hard-wearing ute mats to minimise load slippage during transit and protect their ute liners from unnecessary wear and tear.


Booter ute mat with no ute liner installed Booter ute mat with OEM ute liner installed
Image 1 - Booter ute mat installed into a vehicle with no ute liner. Image 2 - Booter ute mat installed into a vehicle with an OEM ute liner installed.


Chassis Size - Dual / Crew Cab Vs Space / Extra Cab Vs Single Cab:

Style-side utes are typically available with the option of three different chassis.  Each of these are briefly explained below:

  • Dual / Crew Cab - These vehicles normally seat up to 5 people and have 4 full-size doors.  These vehicles also have the smallest tray size of the three chassis commonly available.
  • Space / Extra Cab - These vehicles normally seat between 2 and 5 people, depending on the cab configuration and usually have 2 full-size doors.  These vehciles sometimes have another set of smaller doors to allow access to the area behind the front seats.  The tray size is usually larger than the Dual / Crew Cab.
  • Single Cab - These vehicles have the largest tray size and normally only have two doors.
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